What is it like

Working With Randy?

Imagine a coach who sees far more potential in you than you could ever see in yourself. He shines a light on your greatest strengths and helps you transform them into powerful action. When you talk with him, he’s much more interested in what you want in your life than in what’s wrong. This intrigues you. When you talk about problems, he asks about possible solutions. When you talk of the past, he asks about your desired future. When you share what you don’t want, he asks you what you do want. 
 As you work together, you sense tangible shifts in how you see yourself, others, and the world around you. Your coach helps you see old challenges in new ways that reveal practical possibilities you’ve never before considered. How to deal with something you have wrestled with for years suddenly becomes clear and a way forward opens to your view.
In time you discover that positive change begins with an underlying spirit of wonder and curiosity about what’s possible. Your coach helps you see that focusing on what’s right and what you want more of in your life generates increased hope and motivation to change. 
In your initial coaching conversations, your coach helps you create uplifting images of your desired future. As this image takes shape, you feel it pulling you forward with magnetic energy. You feel a surge of positive emotions you long for in your life and career. You come to see that such emotions buffer you from discouragement and help you respond more effectively to the stresses of life. And you come to understand that your most inspiring future is not a place you find, but a place you create. 
Best of all, you have found a friend and confidant you can talk with about anything. He’s a trusted advisor, cheerleader, and change master all rolled up in one unbelievable ally. No more going it alone. Now you have someone in your corner committed to helping you get exactly what you want in your life and career. And you think, “It’s about time.”