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Are you an “ideal” client for Randy?

By September 11, 2018Uncategorized
Randy J Gibbs Professional Business coach Utah Salt Lake City Provo

Recently I was asked an intriguing question. “Who do you want to work with these days? Who is your ideal client?” While the question caught me by surprise, it didn’t take long for several answers to spring to mind as I asked myself, “Who do I love to work with?”

I answered her question with the sentence, “I love to work with people who ________.” Here’s my list in brief.

  • I love to work with people who have a genuine zest for personal improvement, whatever that entails. Most people can tell me what they wish was different or better. Many are not willing to change to bring about that result.
  • I love to work with people who are deeply committed to self-development. To me, development means a desire to move beyond the old self to a new and better self. If a person responds today exactly as they would have responded five years ago, they are not developing, changing, or growing.
  • I love to work with great clients who are excited to “do the work.” We all know that regardless of how much we “talk” about changing for the better, at some point we must actually do something. I want to work with people who are eager to discover what they need to “do” to bring about a different and better future.
  • I love to work with terrific clients who refuse to have their future limited by their past. We all have things in our history that no longer serve us well. Good clients tear off the rear-view mirror of their life and look forward, learning from the past how to create a different and better future. Those who are perpetually “stuck” cannot, or will not, do this.
  • I love to work with people who are interested in change and are curious about what’s possible. They are willing to “try on” new ways of viewing life and their own possibilities. When asked, “How did you do that?” such people are curious to look deeper into their accomplishments, so they can achieve again and again.
  • Finally, I love to work with my favorite and “ideal” clients – those who are committed to life-long learning. They are not interested only in re-telling the old stories or worrying over ancient history, but in learning from their experience.

If this sounds like you, you’re only a click away from  a bold new adventure with the kind of coach committed to  help you succeed in a big way.


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