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11 Ways A coach can Rock Your World

By October 2, 2018Uncategorized
How a business coach can increase your potential

Most people are inherently interested in positive change. We want to improve, increase our effectiveness, be better next year than this year. A good coach is key to helping you make this happen. Here are 11 specific ways a strong coach can help you succeed.

  1. We help you determine exactly what you want. Knowing what you want to change and what you don’t want to change is the foundation for real progress.
  2. help you establish goals that make sense. Setting goals is easy. Setting goals that play to your strengths is very different, and far more effective.
  3. We help link past successes to getting what you want right now. What worked in the past more than likely will work again. Do more of what you know works.
  4. Conversely, stop doing what you know doesn’t work.  Many people press forward doing the same old things in the same old way and wonder why change eludes them. We help you turn it around.
  5. We help you see old things in new ways. Remember. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
  6. We help you shift from a problem focus to a solution focus., from where you now are to where you want to be.
  7. You soon realize that you already have the tools to change. You simply didn’t realize it or had forgotten over time.
  8. A coach helps nail down one vital truth. NO matter how tough a problem or challenge, how big or how long you’ve faced it, it is still solved one step at a time. My job is to help you build those steps.
  9. We help you start thinking in action terms not static conditions. You say, “I want increased self-confidence.” I ask, “What will you begin doing to bring that about.” The magic is in the doing.
  10. Part of being your coach includes being your cheerleader. A good coach is as excited about the smallest, but real progress as you are. Hope grows with  encouragement.
  11. We help build competence. When similar challenges come up again, you’ll know what to do to resolve them quickly. You’ll learn how to develop your own solutions for greater effectiveness.

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